The Frontier Fantastic

A Ghostly Collision

Or, why you never want to try and ignore Lotho

Lotho “Shorty” Hornblower, “Salty” Skylla, Tyrion Swordforge and Preachy AKA Brother Oblivion decide that they wish to travel to the far away port city of Haleen. The city is about three weeks journey and they decide to work for their passage. The majority of the trip is quite uneventful, however, when they are only a few days away from Haleen, a dark mist rolls up around the ship. From within the mist a ragged ship sails straight at them and rams through their ship, for the mysterious ship is insubstantial.

Our ship is boarded by ghost pirates who saunter about the ship terrifying and insulting the crew. They make no move to attack anyone and don’t seem to know what to do with our brave adventurers who aren’t afraid of them. Trying to investigate more into this ship Lotho jumps through it and notices the captain’s chamber with the captain in it. He then is dangled into it via a rope to his waist where he begins to try and parley with the captain. The captain wants nothing to do with Lotho or any of the crew and wants them to hurry up and wait to die so his crew can take the ship without any violence.

Noticing that the captain is getting tired of his constant badgering Lotho gets pulled up into the ship and casts message at the captain over and over and over for hours. He engages in witty banter such as “Hey, hey hey Guy! Why won’t you let us just leave?”. While Lotho is busy torturing the ghost captain, Skylla and Tyrion are trying to figure out how to scare or damage the ghostly crew. Skylla is pretty sure that she can hit them with Magic Missile, but is sure that she can’t cast it enough to kill all the crew. Tryion tries to attack one using his magic sword, but it goes straight through the ghost. The ghostly assholes find this very amusing and begin to laugh and laugh at Tyrion. Coming to her friend’s defense, Skylla casts Magic Missile at one of the laughing ghosts killing it on the spot. The rest flee.

After a bit the captain emerges with some of his chosen crew and challenges us to a ‘fair fight’. They seem to be at least somewhat upstanding ghosts as their fair fight means that they are corporeal and we can attack them. After Skylla casts fireball at them all the captain succeeds in possessing her, but before he can act Brother Oblivion realizes what happened and casts Hold Person on her, whereupon the captain flees her body. With the ghosts playing fair, the fight is handily won and the ghost ship disappears.

With no other excitement the ship makes it to the port of Haleen. As reward for their saving the ship, we are given introductions to merchants and the government of the city.



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