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  • nwrb

    New West River Berg isn't it's official name, but it's close. The townsfolk couldn't decide what to name it. Permutations of it's name often change, but the four words are always the same, but the order often changes. NWRB is a tall folk settlement in …

  • Blistin

    Blistin is a small goblin settlement. It is near [[nwrb|River West New Berg]] and (Insert actual name of correct goblin city here)

  • Gizrik

    Gizrik is a large goblin settlement. It is a few hours travel away from [[nwrb|River West Berg New]], [[Blistin]] and the Statue Town. The most prominent feature of the town is the massive beanstalk that extends from near the center of the town into the …

  • Blizrig

    Blizrig is a large, goblin port city. It is about three days travel from [[Gizrik]]. It is near a forest with an ancient Elven City. The forest also has [[The Vault]]. h3. NPCs * Zetmar is a wealthy noble who [[:lotho]] insulted and has sworn vengance.

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