The Frontier Fantastic

Lotho is irresponsible with magic and we fight some bandits
I know you've always wanted a beanstalk in the middle of your town, right?

While his companions are off adventuring, Lotho takes a well earned break and hits the town intent on seeing all that Gizrik has to offer. He finds some drinking and gambling buddies. However, one of them gets sicks and Lotho takes him to an apothecary to get him all fixed up. However, Lotho forgets that all of his cash is tied up in his gambling and can’t pay the apothecary, who promptly curses Lotho and kicks him out of his shop. When Lotho goes back the next morning to pay him, he refuses as he is a sticker for prompt payment.

Meeting up with his friends in River New Bergwest Lotho learns that while he was learning all about Gizrik his friends had found a tree with magic pomegranates. After eating one of them a magical sword appears in his lap! He eats another and nothing happens and then promptly eats a third. Suddenly, a 12 foot tall demonic figure appears in the tavern where they were drinking and booms out “Lotho Hornblower, you have crossed me and for that I shall ruin everything you love!”

Lotho is no longer welcome in that bar.

With our buzz killed, we decided to go out and earn some money. The Sheriff didn’t have anything for us, so we headed over to Gizrik to see if there was any work to be had there. When we arrived, we learned that there have been a number of attacks by human bandits and a reward was offered for their capture.

We are able to track down the bandit’s lair. They have a ‘Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Shreaking Fungus’! Lotho promptly challenged the lead bandit to a duel and won. We then pretended to want to work with the bandits, Bob, George and Fred, but planned on ambushing them at the arranged meeting place. Fred, it turns out, is a badass. We are still able to defeat them and find some loot in their cave. After bringing them back to Gizrik to face justice Lotho decides to plant the three magical beans he found in the nearest plot of dirt, which, just happens to be in the middle of Gizrik. One of them turns into a peach tree that disappeared after a day or so. The second turns into a statue of Lotho that seems to hate him, cursing him when he’s around and trying to convince everyone to kill him when he’s not. The third grows into a beanstalk that pierces the heavens!

A shortcut to Gizrik
Or, how we searched ruins and fought spiders

Returning to Berg River Westnew we were paid for our efforts clearing out the undead in the graveyard. Since the Sheriff didn’t have any other work for us, we decided to go and investigate the ruins of a castle that we could see from town.

As we approached the castle we found farmland and farms nearby. As we investigated a bit closer, we discovered that the farmers were goblins! In our brief conversations with the goblins, we learn that Giant Spiders have attacked them in the past. Continuing on to the castle, we discovered the castle covered in vines. Inside the ruins we found the corpses of some goblins. As we were continuing to investigate the area with the corpses, we were attacked by a gargoyle! He is hopping mad! In order to investigate for more traps, a field mouse is recruited. His name is Herbert.

As we head away from the castle we search for the source of the terrible spiders. We are able to locate their cave and Lotho “Shorty” Hornblower bravely snuck upon it and threw flaming oil inside. Lotho contemplates changing his name to ‘Lotho Firechucker’. The spiders boil out of their cave and we are quite thankful to find out that the large ones are vulnerable to arrows. After dealing with all of the large spiders the party investigates the cave and discovers that one of the cocoons has a goblin that’s still alive inside.

The goblin leads us back to Gizrik. After staying the night we meet the mayor the next day as thanks for our hard work in saving goblin lives. We tell him of Berg West Newriver and the city assembles a delegation to go and begin to open trade relations.

A lovely stroll through an undead infested Graveyard!
AKA, maybe we should have listened to that ancient writing...

After recently arriving in Berg New Riverwest, Lotho “Shorty” Hornblower made some new friends. He and his friends were looking to help folks and so approached the local Sheriff. The Sheriff seemed a bit drunk and sensitive about it. However, he did tell us of an Ancient Graveyard a few hours travel away. As a group we decided to journey there and see what mysteries we could discover there.

Upon arriving there we were beset by Skeletons! Fortunately, these skeletons didn’t pose much of a challenge to our combined might! After casting Comprehend Languages, Lotho was able to read the inscriptions on the skeleton’s armor. “All hail the eternal Tyrant Master!” As we investigated the cemetery we discovered a large crypt. Inside the crypt we found many rooms and more undead. There was also a fountain and a pool of ‘goop’.

The group then took a vote and made Lotho the party leader. This is a heavy responsibility that he doesn’t take lightly. It also means that he’s responsible for everything that goes wrong.

Venturing further into the crypt, we found a stairway down. Ancient writings were carved into the walls of the stairway reading “Wake not the Eternal Tyrant Master”. Not letting some old writing stop us, we continued down the stairs. In a room at the bottom, we found a big zombie-ish thing. But, as Lotho noted, aren’t they all big zombies?

We were able to defeat this big undead. And there was a small moment of rejoicing, for clearly, we had just defeated the Eternal Tyrant Master! Intent on exploring the rest of this floor fully, Lotho knocked on the next door and was greeted by three unfriendly undead like the one we’d just fought, except, one of them was even bigger!

This time, the fighting quickly went against us and we were forced to flee!


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