The Frontier Fantastic

Playing with fire

Some trolls just don't learn!

Lotho “Shorty” Hornblower, “Salty” Skylla, Alia “Sneaky” Therun, Danilo Therun, Amot “Horns” Baal Hamon, Tyrion Swordforge and Brother Boris The Fluffy meet in a tavern in Blizrig where Horns was holding court as The Rave Queen. Some of her would be worshipers inform her that many of the temples in the city have been attacked and set on fire. Rumors are that the firestarters were massive, 10 ft tall robed figures that seemed terrified of the fires.

Tyrion, Skylla and Lotho recall Yinga The Scrag, who they’ve worked with in the past. He often wore a robe that made his large troll body fit the description quite well. Skylla is able to track down Yinga and meets up with him in a tavern. He is in town preparing for another voyage. While Skylla is talking to him, Tyrion and Lotho see two large hooded figures approaching the eastern gate of the city and intercept them. The figures run!

Rounding a corner Amot demands that they stop in the name of The Rave Queen. They call back demanding to know why they should stop. Lotho obliges and turns into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and roars at them. Cowed, they agree to take us to their temple where we can learn their faith. As we leave the city with them Boris makes a valiant effort to convert them, but they seem too frightened of their fire god to listen to him.

They lead us to an atol where the cave with their temple is, but they refuse to accompany us inside. After we enter, we find some dwarfs with fiery beards! They are priests of The Flame Lord. They arrived here through a fiery rift. Lotho begins to investigate the chamber they are in and they try to stop him. Brother Boris defends Lotho and swings at one of them. During the chaos of the ensuing combat the stalagmites begin to move and attack us! Lotho notices that one of them moved and revealed a stairway down. As the rest of the party continues to deal with the enemies he sneaks down the stairs and sees that there are fire elementals holding open a flaming rift. He rushes back upstairs and calls for Skylla and Amot to destroy the roof and let the ocean rush into the cavern to end the elementals and their portal.



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