The Frontier Fantastic

Brother Boris and the Capitalistic Kobolds

Magic signs and the power of a silver piece!

Lotho “Shorty” Hornblower, Tyrion Swordforge, Preachy AKA Brother Oblivion and Amot “Horns” Baal Hamon meet Brother Boris, another member of Brother Oblivion’s faith. Together they all decide to check in on the Kobolds that have been living in the sewers. But, on the way to visit the kobolds, they are waylaid! The ruffians demand Horns’ money as they know she is a queen. Before things come to blows, Brother Boris convinces them to take some of his ‘vitamins’ and be on their way.

Once in the sewers they quickly find the kobolds, but are told to be quiet for the little kobolds in the eggs are sleeping! Yes, happily, there are now kobold eggs growing in the sewers! Once away from the eggs the kobolds are very excited to explain that they’ve found a job! It seems they have a job cooking at night at a tavern. They are paid in some of the food that they cook. As we make our way to help them with their job some of the details become clear. It seems that they have hired themselves to do this ‘job’ after hearing talk on the street about Capitalism.

Once we arrive some of them create a distraction (with the aid of Lotho in Giant Ape form) and the rest rush into the kitchen and begin to ‘cook’. Kobolds seem to have a very different palate than the rest of us as their cooking seemed to involve taking any sort of spice, dumping all of it they can find into the pot and then looking for more ‘ingredients’. It quickly became apparent that they weren’t hired to cook here and also didn’t know how to cook.

After a short time they were convinced to stop for the night and go take cooking lessons from Tyrion while Brother Boris ‘cleaned up’. Brother Boris, sighs “Ah, yes. We meet again kitchen!” and then tries to salvage what he could of the food, mostly by infusing it with his ‘vitamins’.

Meanwhile, Lotho was able to learn much the same information as the rest of the party from the kobolds he created a distraction with. He then gave them some ‘magic’ signs to show to food sellers. This ‘magic’ is so potent that it fools food vendors who read it into giving the kobolds food in exchange for a single silver piece. He also exchanged one of their gems for 1000 silver pieces so they will have plenty of ‘reagents’ for the ‘spell’



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