The Frontier Fantastic

A shortcut to Gizrik

Or, how we searched ruins and fought spiders

Returning to Berg River Westnew we were paid for our efforts clearing out the undead in the graveyard. Since the Sheriff didn’t have any other work for us, we decided to go and investigate the ruins of a castle that we could see from town.

As we approached the castle we found farmland and farms nearby. As we investigated a bit closer, we discovered that the farmers were goblins! In our brief conversations with the goblins, we learn that Giant Spiders have attacked them in the past. Continuing on to the castle, we discovered the castle covered in vines. Inside the ruins we found the corpses of some goblins. As we were continuing to investigate the area with the corpses, we were attacked by a gargoyle! He is hopping mad! In order to investigate for more traps, a field mouse is recruited. His name is Herbert.

As we head away from the castle we search for the source of the terrible spiders. We are able to locate their cave and Lotho “Shorty” Hornblower bravely snuck upon it and threw flaming oil inside. Lotho contemplates changing his name to ‘Lotho Firechucker’. The spiders boil out of their cave and we are quite thankful to find out that the large ones are vulnerable to arrows. After dealing with all of the large spiders the party investigates the cave and discovers that one of the cocoons has a goblin that’s still alive inside.

The goblin leads us back to Gizrik. After staying the night we meet the mayor the next day as thanks for our hard work in saving goblin lives. We tell him of Berg West Newriver and the city assembles a delegation to go and begin to open trade relations.



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