The Frontier Fantastic

A lovely stroll through an undead infested Graveyard!

AKA, maybe we should have listened to that ancient writing...

After recently arriving in Berg New Riverwest, Lotho “Shorty” Hornblower made some new friends. He and his friends were looking to help folks and so approached the local Sheriff. The Sheriff seemed a bit drunk and sensitive about it. However, he did tell us of an Ancient Graveyard a few hours travel away. As a group we decided to journey there and see what mysteries we could discover there.

Upon arriving there we were beset by Skeletons! Fortunately, these skeletons didn’t pose much of a challenge to our combined might! After casting Comprehend Languages, Lotho was able to read the inscriptions on the skeleton’s armor. “All hail the eternal Tyrant Master!” As we investigated the cemetery we discovered a large crypt. Inside the crypt we found many rooms and more undead. There was also a fountain and a pool of ‘goop’.

The group then took a vote and made Lotho the party leader. This is a heavy responsibility that he doesn’t take lightly. It also means that he’s responsible for everything that goes wrong.

Venturing further into the crypt, we found a stairway down. Ancient writings were carved into the walls of the stairway reading “Wake not the Eternal Tyrant Master”. Not letting some old writing stop us, we continued down the stairs. In a room at the bottom, we found a big zombie-ish thing. But, as Lotho noted, aren’t they all big zombies?

We were able to defeat this big undead. And there was a small moment of rejoicing, for clearly, we had just defeated the Eternal Tyrant Master! Intent on exploring the rest of this floor fully, Lotho knocked on the next door and was greeted by three unfriendly undead like the one we’d just fought, except, one of them was even bigger!

This time, the fighting quickly went against us and we were forced to flee!



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